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October 12, 2016
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Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Patio

Many Pittsburgh homeowners have taken steps to prepare their yards for the upcoming winter season. However, for those with patios on their property, it is equally important to perform some maintenance to ensure that your patio looks its best and lasts for years to come. Your patio is an important investment in your property, and proper care is needed to protect your investment!

First and foremost, remove any patio furniture that can be damaged by the elements. Pittsburgh winters can be harsh, and your furniture needs to be properly protected. If you have patio furniture that is too large to move, be sure to buy the appropriate covering and cover it properly.



Letting leaves accumulate is not good for any type of patio material. Leaves retain moisture, which can lead to staining, mold and even pests. Leaving them on for the winter can mean that they will freeze to your patio, which will accelerate these issues.

Prune any trees, shrubs or foliage that overhangs your patios. Not only will it preserve the health of your plants, but it will prevent any overhang that can be detrimental to your patio when the snow accumulates. If you have large trees that need trimmed or removed, give the experts at 20 Landscaping a call to take care of it!

Last but not least, give your patio a good cleaning before winter. Using a pressure washer to blast a stone patio will clean and remove any algal and fungal growth that may have accumulated in the pores of the stone. You will be amazed at how renewed and fresh the stone on your patio looks. Just remember, A dirty patio now won’t magically clean itself over the winter – and will be even dirtier come spring! While you may not be pleased with having one more fall chore to do, you’ll be glad you did come spring.

20 Landscaping is available to help with any fall landscaping issues that you may need done before winter gets here. From leaf removal to shrub trimming, to bigger projects such as patios and walkways or custom hardscaping, 20 Landscaping has a service that can boost the look and the value of your property. Contact 20 Landscaping today!