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February 24, 2017
Why You Should Plan Your Summer Hardscaping Project Now
April 1, 2017

Just when it seems like the winter season will never end, the spring months arrive to bring new life to yards and gardens throughout Pittsburgh. Getting a head start on your lawn care can ensure that you have a healthy, vibrant landscape for the upcoming growing season, because nothing is more important to your landscape than mulching.

While mulching certainly gives your property an attractive look, remember that it provides many benefits to the health of your flowers, plants, and trees as well. Mulching is the best way to conserve moisture as well as to protect the roots. Proper mulching ensures a more even soil temperature and helps to reduce erosion, particularly in yards and beds that have a slope.


Nothing is more unattractive or makes things look more unkempt than when weeds run rampant throughout a landscape. Luckily, you can cut down on how often and how much you need to weed your landscape by properly mulching. This goal is accomplished because you are covering the area with mulch which prevents potential weeds from getting the sunlight they need to thrive while they are at the beginning of their growth stage. Mulching early reduces weed growth by ensuring the sunlight is blocked before the weeds can get a chance to grow or sprout.


In addition to reducing the time you spend weeding the garden, early mulching can help you save both time and money when it comes to watering your garden. By preventing the sun’s rays from hitting the soil directly, mulch creates a barrier that keeps moisture where it is needed most – in the soil, around your plants and trees. Moisture may also remain in the mulch, which creates a richer, healthier environment where your plants can thrive. With mulch on top, your soil retains moisture better than it would on it’s own, so your plants need to be watered less while thriving more.


There are some often overlooked benefits provided by mulching, too. Mainly its the contribution to your yard’s ecosystem and all of the little things that stem from this contribution that seems to be forgotten. Many helpful insects, fungi, and microorganisms prefer to make their homes in mulch, which, in turn, enrich the soil and provide protection from harmful insects, fungi, and microorganisms. Mulch also attracts earthworms, whose castings, or solid waste, act as a natural fertilizer and help to break down organic matter. The natural fertilizationprovided is an invaluable resource in and of itself, and it is present simply from the mulch itself.


Get a head start on your mulching  this season with 20 Landscaping’s Mulching and Edging Services. Whether you are looking to have an entire area mulched or simply looking for Landscape Bed Edging, our experience and attention to detail will ensure that you have a yard that is both aesthetically pleasing and healthy! We are scheduling now for commercial and residential clients in Pittsburgh’s South Hills and the surrounding area, so contact us today!