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December 29, 2016
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This Seasons Landscaping Tips

January is the season of change in Pittsburgh, and the temperatures can change from one extreme to the other. Just because winter is on the way, however, does not mean that you want to neglect your lawn and garden. Here are some tips to keep your yard healthy and ensure that you have a lush landscape come spring!


  • Bring potted plants indoors. Houseplants are not meant to thrive and survive outdoors in winter.
  • Be sure to remove all leaves from the base of trees and plant beds to prevent insects. You can mulch the leaves, as they make an excellent mulching material!
  • Replace existing mulch around plant beds and trees to be sure they retain the maximum amount of moisture throughout the winter.
  • Be sure that any newly planted material is kept watered. Colder temperatures do not mean that plants don’t need water.
  • If you are looking to plant or transplant any trees or shrubs, now is the time, while they remain dormant. It ensures their best success for growth during spring.
  • If you are looking to plant spring bulbs, be sure to do so before the ground freezes.
  • Late fall is a good time to add another round of fertilizer to your lawn.
  • Prune trees around your property. Heavy snow buildup can cause branches to fall and damage any surrounding structures.
  • If you have perennials, cut them back so that they will grow back fresh and healthy for the spring.

Following a few simple landscaping tips this January will help to repair your lawn and garden from the cold Pittsburgh winter! Caring for your landscape can sometimes be a big job, or you may be too busy to undertake some of the tasks that are necessary. If this is the case, contact the professionals at 20 Landscaping. As a full-service landscaping company servicing Pittsburgh’s South Hills and the surrounding area, we have the tools to ensure that your lawn is not only prepared for the winter, but will look beautiful come spring. For more information on 20 Landscaping’s landscape and hardscape services, contact us today!