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November 21, 2016
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Adding a Retaining Wall to Your Home

When it comes to the value of any property, one factor plays a key element – curb appeal. A house can have the latest updates and gadgets, but a place that lacks curb appeal strikes a sour note with potential buyers, who may not even stick around to see the inside.

One thing that has consistently scored high in the Return On Investment (ROI) is a property’s landscaping. Regardless of trends, landscape design is timeless, and does not depend on personal style like interior design. With a broader range of appeal, investing in landscaping can add up to 15 percent to the value of a home, and an average return of 100 to 200 percent.


Pittsburgh has a unique landscape, with many hills and elevated yards that, while allow creativity in landscape design, can often pose a number of issues with soil erosion and drainage. Retaining walls are common in Pittsburgh, however, many older homes have retaining walls that are old, that pose structural concerns as well as not meeting the current code requirements that many local townships have imposed.

While a retaining wall may seem like one of the more significant investments in terms of landscaping, it is often one of the most crucial elements to the home’s curb appeal. Not only does a retaining wall add structural integrity to a yard that is sloped, but the right retaining wall can add significant aesthetic value to the property. Today’s retaining wall materials are designed for looks as well as durability and function, and there are many choices that can complement your current landscape.

20 Landscaping is an experienced hardscape designer with experience designing and building retaining walls that cater to the unique Pittsburgh landscape. If you are looking to replace your current retaining wall or are in need of one for your property, contact the experts at 20 Landscaping. With the highest quality materials available for retaining walls and an unmatched attention to detail, 20 Landscaping can design the perfect retaining wall that is not only functional, but a valuable addition to your property.